Newborn photography | Edinburgh family photographer

Newborn photography is special to me. Every time I photograph newborn babies I go back in time. I clearly remember the day when I became a mother and the feelings that accompanied me at the time: excitement, happiness, love, overwhelming, stress and fatigue (I can count them endlessly). All these emotions, everything that just happened ... was beautiful.The following weeks, months after birth, are less pronounced. Everything is a little fuzzy. But I have my photos, albums, my little video that I created for myself and my family. My girls love watching all the memories of when they were very young. They love to hear about it. I am glad that I can talk about it, go back and remember a special time, even if most come only from photos, not from my memories.

Baby Lyla, just 6 weeks old

As a mother, I can completely understand what you are going through. It is not always so easy, but it is worth capturing this unique time, these fleeting moments. When I photograph children, I try to make my sessions very relaxed and natural. So you don't have to do much before or even during the session. Just be with you baby, hug them, kiss them and I will capture this beautiful time and connection between you. I never rush. We won't be in a hurry, we'll take time. My session are baby led and I know that babies needs to be changed and fed regularly. I will make sure we have time for everything. My photography is about you as a family and love between you. That's what I'm after.

Dorota xxx