Why film?

You probably wonder now why I want to make a short film for your family. Are beautiful photos no longer sufficient? Pictures are great memory, a moment in our life that can be stopped forever. Isn't that great, but what if I can give you something more? What if I can keep your memories in motion. I have developed my passion for photography with the birth of my children. I am one of those crazy mothers who photograph every possible moment in my children's life but I also recorded short films, a few minutes long ... first smile, first steps, first words. I uploaded them all to YouTube channel, and now we love watching them over and over again. I want to give you a gift, memories that will last forever. I want to visit your family and spend part of the day with you, record your everyday life, smiles and cuddles. I want to show you how lucky you are to have each other.

These sessions are 2-3 hours - the time of day will depend on the type of activities you want to capture. Your home and neighborhood is the backdrop to your life as a family and my preferred location. I take video clips in and around your home and incorporate these little vignettes in your film. 


celebrating 7th birthday

Platt family

beach trip | Tyninghame , Scotland

doorstep family film

Harvey family


36 hours


22 months & 18 days

Nana, best dog ever

love letter

Harvey Family

sunday morning

Baby Ronan

15 hours old

Pony Trekking

Pony trekking in Pentland hills

baby lyla

6 weeks old


Gullane beach, Scotland