Fresh 48 Prep Guide

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So you booked your session. Now what?

This guide is designed to help you get an idea of what to expect and plan/coordinate your session. Nothing is more magical than welcoming a new baby into your family. These moments pass so quickly. It is a privilege for me to preserve this special milestone for you and your family to remember forever.

What Can You Expect? Basically Fresh 48 Sessions are all about capturing the raw, fleeting moments after your new baby has arrived. It’s about tiny, delicate fingers and toes; the precious, soft skin, the blue and pink hospital blankets and swaddling for the first time. It’s a simple time before the reality of going home with a new baby hits and a special way to share/announce their arrival.

Once Baby Is Born!

Call me or text me on 07783007923 ! Once your little one makes their big entrance, we can coordinate to choose a day for the photo session. I have already blocked off time around your due date, but we will need to set up a day that works for everyone’s schedule.

Timing. Fresh 48 are generally scheduled around mid-day. Visitors hours vary in different hospitals Fresh 48 pictures are done in the hospital or birthing center that your baby is born in within the first two days of life. If you have a special circumstance, please contact meI will arrive to photograph when you guys feel ready for visitors, but before or after family comes to visit.

Other Family Members. It's easier to capture your new baby with just immediate family present (parents, siblings).

Posing. I have a very organic and natural approach to hospital sessions. I do not pose you or your baby, but rather guide them into natural and comfortable positions.

Baby Ronan

just 15 hours old

How To Prepare

A Fresh 48 is different from a “posed” newborn session with props. I like to look for natural light and capture the newness of baby: Sweet wrinkly feet, tender kisses, hospital blankets/hats....and all that encompasses that first day experience. You can expect the session to last about 60 minutes depending on the hospital schedule and of course your baby.

Many of your photos will be in black and white, but it depends on the lighting situation at the hospital.

To prepare for our hospital session, you won't have to do much- just be yourself. Some parents chose to be in the photos while others do not. It is completely up to you and we can decide when I arrive if you like.

I will arrive to photograph when you guys feel ready for visitors. It's easier to capture your new baby with just your immediate family present (mummy, daddy, siblings).

Please make sure baby has been well fed prior to the agreed upon arrival time.

What to wear? Wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. Try to choose plain tops, shirts with no imprints on them so they don’t distract. Your photo session will depend on your well-being and how you feel in your clothes. I want you to be relaxed while I am working on creating your memories during the shoot.

Now relax and focus on yourself and your baby, not long and you will keep your little miracle in your hands. Very exciting :)



Feel free to email with any questions you might have.

Thank you, and I look forward to capturing you and your family!

Dorota xxx