Scotland with children | Glencoe | The Lost Valley

As soon as I heard the name of this place, I knew immediately that we must see this place. The Lost Valley ... it sounds so mysterious and inviting. This place is only 2 hours and 40 minutes from Edinburgh, the entire route to Glencoe is beautiful, you won't be bored. I always sit all the way with my nose stuck to the glass and admire these unique views.

History of The Lost Valley in Glencoe

According to Discover Glencoe, The Lost Valley was where the Macdonalds (farmers I’m guessing) were supposed to hide the cattle they had stolen from their neighbours. According to geologists, The Lost Valley was formed by the weight of ice that could not escape from the valley as the huge ice cap flowed down to the sea through the pass of Glencoe. As the gorge is deep and a brief scramble is required, the Discover Glencoe asks that visitors contemplate on how the Macdonalds could get their cattle up there in the first place? I suppose, that will always remain a mystery.


  • Distance: 4 km/ 2.5 miles
  • Time: 2-3 hours ((4 hours if you count the picnic and soaking in the river 😉 )
  • Ascent: 335m
  • Level of difficulty: Moderate
  • Parking: Along the A82 – there is a large carpark ( Three Sisters carpark) on the right side of the road if coming from Edinburgh.
  • Path: Mostly rocky, along the stream.
  • Children: I think older children can handle this tour. The path is uphill, but it is interesting and not monotonous, which makes it a great adventure for children. There are some rocks that I would consider dangerous and part of the path that is right on the cliff so take care of yourself and your kids
  • Dogs must be reasonably fit and watch the dog carefully closer to the cliffs.

That is the rocks that I would consider dangerous, it was a dry day and still very slippery

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I would love to have you there 😍

Dorota xxx