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We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure - I am here to help you capture and preserve moments you can’t put into words.

I am a big fan of lifestyle family and newborn photography. I have lived in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland for several years now. I am a happy wife and mother of two beautiful girls. They are my whole world! We love traveling, we could go literally everywhere, happy as long as we could be together. We love walking in the woods, paddling in the mud, walking along the beach, mountain peaks, smile together and embrace in the glow of the setting sun. But there is something that I consider to be the greatest treasure. It's a childhood.

After the birth of my first child...

When am not busy photographing families and newborn babies, I enjoy, jogging, bike rides and walking adventures with my husband and two girls.

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I love what I do

I take photographs of real families, like yours.

I love what I do

I take photographs of real families, like yours.

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“Dorota is a wonderfully sensitive person with an extraordinary photographic eye and a lot of passion!”

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It is so important that you choose the right photographer for your family. Where exactly the family begins. For me it starts when you meet this special person. The one you want to spend every day of your life with. It's the person who makes you smile, laugh, make you feel special. Who is proud to be with you, who wants to travel around the world with you or laze around. I am a lifestyle photographer. Images from our session will tell a story. Story about you and your amazing family. I do not try to make you look perfect, stiff or unnatural. I will not ask your children to look at the camera and smile I will make them smile.

I take photographs of real families, like yours. 







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Family Film

You probably wonder now why I want to make a short film for your family. Are beautiful photos no longer sufficient? Pictures are great memory, a moment in our life that can be stopped forever. Isn't that great, but what if I can give you something more? What if I can keep your memories in motion.I have developed my passion for photography with the birth of my children. I am one of those crazy mothers who photograph every possible moment in my children's life but I also recorded short films, a few minutes long ... first smile, first steps, first words.I uploaded them all to YouTube channel, and now we love watching them over and over again. I want to give you a gift, memories that will last forever. I want to visit your family and spend part of the day with you, record your everyday life, smiles and cuddles. I want to show you how lucky you are to have each other

Baby maja 36 hours old


“A picture is worth a thousand words- Dorota has mastered and perfected telling beautiful stories with her photography. She beautifully engaged with my family and brightened our day with her positive energy. I adore her unique style.”


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DOROTA MARKOWSKA is based in EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND and she is ready to travel anywhere to meet you and your family


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