Hi, I am Dorota

Hi there and welcome to my website, I am very happy that you are visiting!

I am Dorota, and I am a big fan of lifestyle family and newborn photography. I have lived in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland for several years now. I am a happy wife and mother of two beautiful girls. They are my whole world! We love traveling, we could go literally everywhere, happy as long as we could be together. We love walking in the woods, paddling in the mud, walking along the beach, mountain peaks, smile together and embrace in the glow of the setting sun. But there is something that I consider to be the greatest treasure. It's a childhood.

After the birth of my first child, I felt that I must keep this moment of happiness forever. It was then that my passion for photography was born. This amazing and magical time when you can look at this wonder of nature for the first time ... Their first smiles, first steps. The moment when they get to know the world. Their first birthday and fun in the park with the whole family. Capturing all these moments is truly priceless. I couldn't be happier. I have everything. A wonderful and loving family and amazing job, which I didn't even dream of a few years ago. 

I would like to share my passion and capture all those fleeting moments for you and your family so that you can also keep them forever. I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly, make sure we all have fun. That is what my photography is all about.

See you at the photoshoot!

Dorota xxx

My story

I met my husband in 2002

Mr & Mrs Happy ever after :)

My first daughter was born in 2011, she is the best thing that happened to us

Then in 2013 Lili was born, now our family is complete

Julia met her sister for the first time, how precious

They have been best friends ever sinice...


These are my memories, my story

Let me help you create your memories now!!