Hi, I am Dorota🌿

Hi there, and welcome to my website. I am very happy you are visiting!

I'm Dorota🌿, and I have a deep love for lifestyle, family, and newborn photography. Edinburgh, Scotland, has been my home for 13 wonderful years. In addition to being a joyous wife, I proudly navigate the teenage years with my two beautiful girls. The mystery of how they grow up so fast is still unsolved. Adding a touch of chaos, I'm also a "furry mom" to two spirited Border Collies, ensuring I'm never short of excitement!

Our family thrives on the love of travel; we're happy as long as we're together. From woodland walks and muddy paddling to beach strolls, conquering mountain peaks, sharing smiles, and basking in the sunset glow – we cherish every moment. Yet, amid all these treasures, the one I hold dearest is childhood.

After the birth of my first child, I felt an overwhelming need to preserve the sheer joy of those moments. And so, my passion for photography was born. That is an incredible and magical time when you witness the marvel of nature for the first time – their first smiles, those initial steps, exploring the world, first birthdays, and the joyous family park outings. Capturing these moments is genuinely priceless, and I couldn't be happier with the amazing family and fulfilling job I have today.

I want to share my passion with you and capture those fleeting moments for your family so you can hold onto them forever. I aim to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and, most importantly, ensure we all have fun. That's the heart of my photography.

Looking forward to our photoshoot adventure!

Dorota 🌿

My story

I met my husband in 2002

Mr & Mrs Happy ever after :)

My first daughter was born in 2011, she is the best thing that happened to us

Then in 2013 Lili was born, now our family is complete

Julia met her sister for the first time, how precious

They have been best friends ever sinice...


These are my memories, my story

Let me help you create your memories now!!