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So you booked your session. What happens next?

Via e-mail, we will discuss the time and location. I will answer any questions you have. I will also email you on Monday before your session with a remainder.

Pregnancy is a special time of your life, and for many women (although you may not feel like it), you are at your most natural, feminine, and beautiful self. During your pregnancy, your hair is rich and thicker, your breasts are fuller, your skin is glowing, and your body has more curves. For many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and chronicle their journey to motherhood than a professional maternity photoshoot. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best in your maternity photoshoot.


Together, we will decide on the best time and location. It can be an outdoor photoshoot, or if you prefer indoor, we can use your home as a background.

Length Of Session

My sessions usually last about an hour. Do not worry. We are not going to rush anything. I want you to have fun. I will make sure you are relaxed and happy with me capturing your memories.

What To Wear

Dress to suit the weather. The wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in.

  • Tube top or belly band
  • Regular jeans and a camisole top
  • Buttoned shirt or blouse
  • Long, flowy, or form-fitting dress (e.g. tube dress or a summer maxi dress)
  • Button-ups sweaters or cardigans
  • Any favorite scarves, accessories, jewelry, etc.
  • Any sentimental items (e.g. baby ultrasound image, baby shoes)

I have some beautiful maternity outfits so please let me know if you like to see them.

CLIENT WARDROBE - see what is inside

Access to my client wardrobe is complimentary when you book a session with me. If you have any questions, send me a message.

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Clothes and location

Fit your style to your location. Choose complimentary colours to your location when choosing your outfits. Strive for colours and textures that coordinate with your location. If you have opted for an in-home session, pick colours from your home to coordinate with.

Keep clothing simple. Use muted colours and minimize busy patterns. Neutral and natural is my favourite combo! Pick a colour palette with 3 or 4 colours and then incorporate the colours throughout the outfits in varying patterns, solids, and layers.

Where to take maternity photos?

  • At-home maternity sessions

At-home maternity sessions are cosy and intimate and capture the essence of your personality, style, and relationship. When you are in your home environment, you are your most relaxed and authentic self, and that comes across through camera lenses.

Your choice of clothing can also be quite relaxed and comfortable; opt for soft-coloured casual wear, or sexy lingerie (if you prefer a more intimate boudoir shoot), and make sure that it complements your partner or other children's style as well.

  • Outdoor maternity shoot

If you are more inclined towards an outdoor photoshoot where the natural light creates that soft, glowing effect on your face and body, then your choice is boundless. You can go more revealing with your bump exposed in a split front dress, or you can conceal the bump with a flowy, beautiful maxi dress that still accentuates your belly and curves.

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Older siblings

Remember that children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile. It is best if we just give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self. Don't worry if your child is running about and active, most of the images you see of young children on my site were captured while the child or toddler was busy playing and exploring. To get the family/maternity shots, I usually direct the adults to simply "be" with the child or hold the child and we go from there. To get the most out of your session, make sure that your little one has rested and has had adequate snacks and water. We can take breaks for snacks and play, however, I will probably still shoot during the breaks. Bring dry, non-messy snacks so their little faces stay clean during the session. Prepare the child for the session by letting them know that a friend will be taking some photos of them, it's best not to surprise them.

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Do you want to put your pet in your photos? Amazingly, I love dogs and know how important family members are. Family members come in all shapes and sizes; some are extremely hairy.


Exercising your dog before your photo session will help the dog to relax and behave well. Large dogs, especially, can benefit from the opportunity to get their energy out. Plan for this to ensure you have enough time for a walk or play before your photo session.

What to Bring for Your Maternity and Dog Photo Session

Bringing an item that will motivate your dogs, such as treats or a toy, is essential. We can use them to draw their attention and reward them for good behaviour. Please bring water for your dog to stay hydrated during the session.

Depending on the fur type, grooming them before the shoot and bringing a lint roller might also be a good idea

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Trust me to direct you in posing so you can look your best. What makes maternity photos different from other portraits is that the images focus on you, your personality, feelings, and your bond with your much-awaited baby. Many maternity poses, such as hands-on the belly and eyes looking down, express emotions and connection to your belly. Other maternity poses empathize with the beautiful curves of your body.

Please arrive on time or be ready to start on time Remember, your session is scheduled according to light. It is important that we start on time. Please plan for traffic or parking constraints. It's best to arrive early.

Behind the scene

Feel free to take photos from our photoshoots and share them with me, so I can add them to my gallery and use them on my social media. Thank you in advance :D


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Your online gallery is ready!

I aim to deliver your online gallery within 2 weeks after the photoshoot. You’ll receive a link to a beautiful online gallery where you can view and download your photos.


You don't have to choose! My pricing has been created in a way that you get the very best savings when you purchase all of your images.  Personally, I can never choose a few images from a gallery of my own children so I don't want you to have to choose either! I also offer a lot of images within your gallery so that when purchasing all images you get a lot of value from your investment.

Your gallery will be available for viewing and ordering for 2 weeks. You may share your gallery link with family and friends. Please be prepared to back up your files. Your images can take up to 4 GB of space on your computer.

If you do not have enough space on your device you can purchase an USB with your images for additional £50.

No RAW files available for sale.

Photos that languish on a hard drive break my heart – I love to see how you can use the images we create together to really make your house a home. 

Depending on your location, you’ll also be able to order high quality prints and photo album directly through your online gallery .

Products which you can order after receiving you gallery


Bring your photos to life on the finest-quality paper designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Printed on professional-grade archival paper for increased colour gamut, excellent skin tones, sharpness and brilliant image quality.

Accordion MINI BOOK

AT 7X7 CM / 2.7X2.7” PANELS

Simple, fun to use - the photo product that anyone can keep, anywhere. 

Ideal gift for grandparents or even as an extra Christmas gift. Customisable and suitable for any occasion and photography type.

Mounted Prints

Matted Prints that are mounted in a refined elegant frame.

Perfect as a home decoration or as a wonderful gift to a family or friends.

Photo Album


A book that tells about the most important moments of your family. This premium quality Photo Album, designed exclusively for professional photographers, is far and away above what is commonly associated with photo books. 

10 thick, 800 gsm spreads in this luxury Photo Album. Lay-flat binding allows you to show your photo uninterrupted over a double-page spread. 

If you would like to create this beautiful keepsake simply let me know and I would be honoured to create this amazing memory book from your session.

1+2 Album Family Package

This package includes 3 identical albums.

One main album 12x12" and two smaller downscaled versions 8x8".

The perfect gift for grandparents or other loved ones.


A tri-fold centrepiece with the look, feel, and quality of our Photo Albums.

The perfect complement to any home. Perched upon a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, dresser, or desk the Triplex makes the ideal add-on to an album or other large print product purchase as a gift for a friend or relative.

It also makes for the best photography display for wedding, newborn, and pet photography.

Click on the photo and see short video about Photo Triplex



Feel free to email with any questions you might have.

Thank you, and I look forward to capturing you and your family!

Dorota xxx