Crichton Castle | My top photoshoot locations

There are sooooo many options to choose from, and the good news is, we can work together to figure out what the best location is for you and your family. I love adventuring with you outdoors; it’s super fun watching your kids discover new places, build sandcastles, collect bugs and jump in muddy puddles. I have so many outdoor locations to choose from, or if you have a special place in mind, I’d be up for that too!

I have been living in Scotland for 10 years now and I am still discovering new places, recently discovered this Crichton Castle by accident. How is it possible that I did not know about its existence.. It's only a 30 minute drive from where I live.

Have a look below, I am in love with this location ...

Crichton Castle

my favourite photoshoot location

This video was created with help of my very talented husband who is also a drone pilot. Have a look on his Instagram

AND HERE ARE FEW PHOTOS from our visit