5 things you can do in Scotland in summer

Disclaimer: Please note that the Covid-19 situation is dynamic and unpredictable. Please, always respect the latest government safety guidelines when planning your trips and respect other peoples’ safety and health. 

2020 will be remembered as the year of cancelled holidays. With the travel restrictions in place, the usual alluring exotic destinations will have to wait for better times. Meanwhile, we will have to embrace our gorgeous Scottish weather and made the most out of it. With this in mind, we put together a wee list of ideas for summer in Scotland.

Prepared to be inspired and wowed by Scotland!

1.       Scottish beaches- give me a list of your favourite places and what is best about them 

2.       NC500- by car, by bike- do you know someone who did the NC500 by bike?

3.       Did you know- Munro bagging 

4.       Camping in Scotland- best places to do that

5.       Ultra local holidays- throw a pool party in your garden 

Did you get inspired? Or perhaps you have an idea for your Scottish holidays and you would like to share it with us.

We wish you a safe and wonderful summer. 

1.My favourite Scottish beaches

Gullane Bends

'Gullane bends is a magnificent sandy beach with excellent views out onto the Firth of Forth. The beach is popular for windsurfing and kite flying when the weather is windy, and for picnics, family days out and sand castle building on warm, sunny days.'

Tyninghame Beach

'This long sandy beach is often cited as one of the finest in the South of Scotland. A wild expanse of golden sand backed by dunes the beach here is often deserted except for during the summer months.

Set a little way from the nearest parking it is a fair walk to the beach. Depending on where you park this can involve a scenic walk through the old pine forests at either end of the beach.'

Morar Beach

'The string of small beaches on this stretch of Scotland’s west coast are famous for their stunning silver sands. Along this 2 miles of coastline, from the village of Portnaluchaig in the south to Morar in the north, there are a number of small, sandy beaches along the rugged coastline, perfect for beach-combing, rockpooling, or just sitting and appreciating the wild beauty of this place'. 

2.NC-500- by Campervan

What a trip! A year ago we went around Scottish coastline - NC500. We love road trips and have already visited many interesting places, but this trip was unique. Scotland is unique. It took us 7 days (it's a pity we didn't have more time), we saw wildlife, caves, waterfalls, a big blue ocean. It was amazing. I want to show my children how beautiful the world can be and this journey did not disappoint me. The beauty of wild nature, narrow, winding roads and the time we could spend together were wonders and unforgettable. I look forward to my next trip around Scotland.

3.Munro Bagging

There are in total 282 Munros across Scotland. Work your way through the list climbing all of the peaks - a popular pastime is known as Munro bagging. 

Why don't you take up the challenge this summer? Personally, I climbed a few Munro before my children were born ... I remember that one of them was Ben Vorlich. Now that my children are big enough, I like to climb the hill with them. I want to convey my love of climbing. I want to show them that walking, climbing can be wonderful and fun.

Thanks to a friend who designed an amazing poster, I can start from the beginning and mark out our family achievements.

This “Munro Bagging” poster is a perfect gift for hill walkers and climbers. It is a very attractive way of recording completed walks and also it can serve as a great motivator to encourage your next trip.

Visit EG Collectibles shop.

 4.Camping in Scotland

01 / 35

Camping with the family

Tents: my children love them. I think that most children consider camping as an extraordinary adventure. But how we grow up deal with it. To be completely hones there are few things I absolutely love and few that I don't like us much about camping: 

Love : first it would be happiness of my children and the second morning coffee with raising sun, barbecue, marshmallows, being outdoor all day - preferably somewhere by the lake - my favourite is Loch Lomond ;) There is nothing more wonderful than watching nature awaken this beautiful morning mist on the lake.

Do not love as much : Scottish weather is unpredictable, there is nothing worse than getting stuck with children in a small tent (be prepared, this can happen). Second are midges that want to eat you and all your family alive.

To sum up, if you are well prepared for such a trip, it will be a wonderful experience for whole family. Here is Ultimate Camping Checklist which should help you to get ready ;)

Ultimate Camping Checklist

5.Pool party in your garden 

What’s the best way to enjoy summer? Pool parties are a blast for kids and adults alike.

On a warm summer day, there is nothing better than cooling down with a little cold water. Instead of dreaming about vacation in Spain or Greece, organise a pool party in your own garden.

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Did you get inspired? Or perhaps you have an idea for your Scottish holidays and you would like to share it with us.

I wish you a safe and wonderful summer. 

Dorota xxx