My photo session

This year, the weather may not spoil us. More and more often we feel that autumn is fast approaching. However, there are days when the sun will come out and warm us with its rays. And it's so beautiful. Edinburgh is beautiful. I love fall and its colours, I can't wait for the trees to start changing colours.

Last weekend I had a free Sunday afternoon and of course I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't brought my family for a short fall photo shoot.

I talk a lot about how important it is for parents to be also present in family photos. I want to set an example myself ,so I asked my husband to be our family photographer for the day.

Edinburgh family & newborn photographer, daughter and mum, eyes, black and white, mum and daughter photo, family photo i

My nine-year-old daughter. When did she grow so big ?!

Edinburgh family & newborn photographer, daughter and mum, eyes, black and white, mum and daughter photo

My seven-year-old daughter, isn't she sweet :)

Standing in front of the lens is probably stressful for many of us. Not everyone likes it, some are shy and some stressed. I'll be honest with you 🙈 I feel much better on the other side of the camera.

Posing for photos stresses me a lot, that is why I love lifestyle /documentary photography. We all want to look beautiful on the photos and I don't always feel this way, my eyes do not always have sparkles. My face is like an open book. You can read everything...

So how we do it... we go and we have a great time, we don't think which profile looks better or if my hairstyle is messy. We play, joke and cuddle. It's our time ... The photographer's job (MY JOB and in this case my husband's job 😉) is to capture this joy and how we feel with each other. Capture these beautiful fleeting moments.

Capturing memories is part of who I am, I love it and I can do it all day, everyday but I also want my children to see that I do not always take pictures, that I can also have fun with them. I want to be present in these photos, in these memories.

I can't wait to get these photos printed and put on the walls.

... and you know what ?? I had so much fun that day that I plan to use my husband again very soon 😉

Eyes are the windows to the soul. They don’t lie. They show the truth, no matter what face you put on.