10 photos to take in the first weeks of your newborn baby's life that you'll cherish forever

In response to the Corona Virus social distancing measures, I have put together a little guide to help new parents to photograph their newborn baby during Lockdown.

1. The moment when family members meet

The one group of people awaiting your baby's arrival as excitedly as you are? The grandparents. There's nothing sweeter than your parents holding your baby. Whether this is their first or tenth time, each baby brings so much joy to the people who will love them and create special bonds with them.

Capturing their first moments together really is magical.

2. Baby and their sibling

If you have other children, you've probably been mentioning the arrival of a new baby for months.

Don't forget that this is the first time your other kids will finally meet their newest sibling.

Capturing their first reaction, excitement, interest and even confusion can be a sweet memory that both you and your children will treasure forever.

3. A name reveal

If you have yet to reveal your baby's name to family and friends, taking a photo declaring her name is a great shot.

4. The newborn yawns

How cute they are. Enjoy those beautiful first yawns to add to that baby book. They make pretty cute pictures.

5. First feeding

Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, taking a photo of baby's first feeding is a photo that you'll treasure as a mama, remembering the closeness and bond you created when feeding your little newborn.

6. Dad + baby

There's nothing more attractive than seeing your partner become a father.

7. Mama + baby

This may sound pretty obvious, but don't forget to ask someone to take a picture of you with your baby.

I can guarantee it is a picture you will treasure forever.

8. Your view of the baby

Make sure you capture your baby from your point of view.

Your baby will only be this little for a short while, but knowing that you will always have these beautiful photos to remember how little they were truly is priceless.

9. Tiny baby details

Soon those little fingers and toes will become chubby toddler hands and feet full of sticky unknowns. But today they're wrinkly and tiny.

Make sure to capture those beautiful details that make newborns so absolutely irresistible.

10. Baby having a nap

There are lots of photo when your baby is awake, but don’t forget to snap some photos when they’re dozing too.

If there ever was a stage of parenthood that’s fleeting, it’s the newborn stage. While having a brand new baby can be a hectic and confusing time, it’s also completely magical. Remember to capture it.


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