What to wear for spring family photoshoot

Are you ready for spring pictures but unsure about what to wear? It's a question I hear often from clients.

Spring brings vibrant colours and blooming flowers, making it a perfect time for outdoor photoshoots. Check out my Blog Post for the best spring photoshoot locations.

One of my favourite backdrops for spring family photos is the Cherry Blossom trees, although they only bloom for a few weeks before the petals fall.

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Remember, the key to a successful photoshoot is feeling comfortable in what you wear. Your wardrobe should reflect your personality and make you feel at ease. Instead of matching outfits, aim for coordination. Choose simple tops without distracting patterns or logos.

You don't need to buy a special outfit for the occasion; wear something that makes you feel good. The session's focus is capturing your joy and connection, not your clothes.

5 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures

1.Choose your colours

What is the best coloUr to wear for pictures?

Pastels and light, fresh blues, greens and yellows are great spring options.

What is the worst colour to wear in photos?

Solid colours are always best, as opposed to patterns. “Very pale pastels and whites can make you look washed-out.” - Lee Eiseman.

However, colour in makeup can help considerably, especially professional makeup.

2.Complement, don't match.

We want colours that complement each other, such as soft colours (light blue, grey, blush) or warm colours (brown, orange, burgundy); if you want colourful images, you should choose a more vivid colour scheme for your outfits!

Generally, solids work best.

What to wear for your spring family photoshoot in Edinburgh , Scotland . Family and newborn photographer

3.Let your kids have something to say

If your daughter doesn't like wearing dresses, don't make her wear one on the day of the photo shoot. If your son finds a shirt with a bow tie uncomfortable, leave it at home

Happy children - happy photos!

4.Choose layers instead of coats

The days can sometimes be cool in early spring, even when the sun is shining.

Before you grab everyone’s coats and cover up the beautiful outfits you’ve chosen, I recommend considering layers instead.

An extra vest or T-shirt underneath your outfits and cardigans, gilets, jackets, or scarves on top can add interest and depth to your photographs that a coat probably won’t.

5.Plan for the weather

Nothing is worse than being miserably uncomfortable in a perfect outfit. If you're planning an outdoor session in April or May, dress in layers that you can easily take off if you get too hot.

Also, please consider that the weather in Scotland is unpredictable. One moment, we have a hot summer; the next, a spring rain; and the next, a freezing winter breeze.

An umbrella and rubber boots in the car's boot are also always good.

What should you not wear for a photo shoot?

  • In general, try to avoid bright colours, funky patterns and anything with a logo.
  • Avoid very bright and neon colours.
  • Don’t let the photoshoot persuade you into wearing something you’ve never worn before. You want to be comfortable.
  • Don’t wear something that you can’t breathe in just for the sake of a good picture. The photoshoot is all about showing who you are.


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