🌸Spring is back !🌸

Spring is the perfect time to meet your family photographer again. Why?

Spring is in the air! After a long winter, seeing the flowers around is enough to excite anyone. These flowers can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for family photos, not to mention a fun picking flowers for mom.

Why I love spring so much ?

  • days get longer and nights get shorter
  • it's getting warmer and we can say goodbye to the gloomy winter and take off a few layers of clothes
  • our mood improves: after a dark long winter, sunlight is the best medicine
  • the world begins to bloom: beautiful colors began to surround us on all sides as flowers come out of hiding and begin to bloom!

Spring is in the air

the world begins to bloom

Why you should you have a spring family photo session

Spring is a time when the days are longer, it's starting to get warmer and we can all get outside again. After the cold and gloomy winter, cozy spring sunshine comes to make your soul smile! Not only that the sun is shining but you actually feel the snug warmth of it. This means only one thing – no more heavy jackets, but a colourful lightweight coat is awaiting you in your wardrobe!

What to wear for your spring family photo session

Wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend  matching but rather coordinating. Try to choose plain tops, shirts with no imprints on them so they don’t distract. Your photo session will depend on your well-being and how you feel in your clothes. I want you to be relaxed while I am working on creating your memories during the shoot.

7 Best Spring Photoshoot Locations in Edinburgh and Surroundings 🌸🌸🌸

1.The Meadows (map)

2.Holyrood Park (map)

3.Lauriston Castle (map)

4.Newbattle Abbey College (map)

5.Rapeseed field

6.Your local park with blossom trees

7.Your own garden


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