Nine months that will change your life forever

These 9 months are a beautiful and unforgettable period in the life of every woman. At first it seems to us that these 9 months will last forever, then we suddenly realise that the due date is any day now and we do not have any decent photos that would remind us of this unique time.

When should maternity photoshoot take place?

If you are planning pregnancy session, it is best to do it between the 30th and 34th week of pregnancy, when the belly is large enough to be visible, but small enough so that it does not make it difficult to pose.

But if you feel well, we can actually do it even a few days before your due date.

How to dress for pregnancy session?

Dress to suit the weather. Wardrobe reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. Remember that clothes must be comfortable! Don't wear awkward sets just because they're pretty. A satisfied mother looks much better with freedom of movement

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in.

-Tube top or belly band

- Regular jeans and camisole top

-Buttoned shirt or blouse

-Long, flowy or form-fitting dress (e.g. tube dress or a summer maxi dress)

-Button ups sweater or cardigans

-Any favourite scarves, accessories, jewelries, etc.

I have some maternity outfits so please let me know is you like to see them.

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Where to take maternity photos?

At-home maternity sessions

At-home maternity sessions are cozy, intimate and captures the essence of your personality, style and relationship. When you are in your home environment, you are your most relaxed and true self, and that comes across through the camera lenses.

Your choice of clothing can also be quite relaxed and comfortable, opt for soft coloured casual wear, or sexy lingerie (if you prefer a more intimate boudoir shoot), and make sure that complements your partner or other children's style as well.

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Outdoor maternity shoot

If you are more inclined towards outdoor photo shoot where the natural light takes charge of creating that soft, glowing effect on your face and body, then your choice is boundless. You can go more revealing with your bump exposed in a split front dress, or you can choose to conceal the bump with a flowy, beautiful maxi dress that still accentuates your belly and curves.

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You grew a human, Mama! Not everyone has the honor of such an experience.

Pregnancy photography is something completely unique, because it allows you to capture such very special moments in a woman's life when she is waiting for her baby. It is also a period when a woman's body changes very dynamically, sometimes there are pain, cramps and swelling. The photographer's job, my job is to make the woman look and feel great. Thanks to such photos, every mother will be able to show how proud she was that she carried her baby under her heart for 9 months, and the photos remain a souvenir for many years.


 If you want to capture your baby belly in such a natural way, please contact me.

I hope to hear from you soon !

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